Aberdeen Evening Cricket League

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League 1

DateHome Team Away TeamVenueNotes
Tue 14 May Shell CC v. The DonsAllan Park (Cults)
 The Rockhoppers v. Bon AccordLinks #4
Tue 21 May Bon Accord v. Shell CCAllan Park (Cults)
 Crescent CC v. The RockhoppersLinks #4
Tue 28 May Bon Accord v. The DonsLinks #4
 Crescent CC v. Shell CCAllan Park (Cults)
Tue 11 Jun Crescent CC v. The DonsLinks #4
 Knightriders v. Bon AccordHarlaw AcademyGroats Road
 Shell CC v. The RockhoppersAllan Park (Cults)
Tue 18 Jun Crescent CC v. Bon AccordLinks #4
 Knightriders v. Shell CCAllan Park (Cults)
 The Rockhoppers v. The DonsHarlaw AcademyGroats Road
Tue 23 Jul Knightriders v. The RockhoppersAllan Park (Cults)
Tue 30 Jul Knightriders v. Crescent CCAllan Park (Cults)
Tue 06 Aug Knightriders v. The DonsAllan Park (Cults)
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League 1
The Dons53116
Bon Accord32014
Crescent CC30030
The Rockhoppers40040

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