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AGM Minutes

Aberdeen Evening Cricket League

Annual General Meeting Minutes

Refer to the attached PDFs for minutes of meeting from recent AGMs.

Minutes 2005.pdf30.47 KB
Minutes 2006.pdf30.92 KB
Minutes 2007.pdf26.85 KB
Minutes 2008.pdf29.5 KB
07expenditure.pdf16.73 KB
08expenditure.pdf16.23 KB
09expenditure.pdf16.04 KB
Minutes 2009.pdf36.74 KB
10expenditure.pdf8.6 KB
Minutes 2010.pdf129.75 KB
06expenditure.pdf10.96 KB
05expenditure.pdf8.37 KB
11expenditure.pdf9.64 KB
Minutes 2011.pdf130.32 KB
Minutes 2012.pdf143.51 KB
12expenditure.pdf53.43 KB
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