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Sad news .......

Hello all,

For those of you not aware of this I will fill you in with the details. 

On the 22nd January at the shared Indoor Net session at Sheddocksley Sport Centre, a terrible accident occurred when Amit Verma was struck full on his left eye with a returned drive cricket ball. He was immediately taken to hospital where he received stitches for gashes as well as treatment for a fractured cheekbone.

Worse was to come sadly as once the swelling on and around his eye came down, Amit was diagnosed as having permanent loss of sight in his left eye.

A terrible tragedy.

When I initially reported this, many of you enquired if there was to be a collection for Amit. I agreed this was an excellent idea. I put the idea to the Aberdeen Super Kings skipper, Magesh Devendran, who also agreed this was a fine gesture. 
With thanks for the advice of Liam Thom of Kemnay Kintore, there is now a JustGiving page that has been set up for those of you who wish to contribute to this. The link is below: 


Can I ask that all of you who receive this message to please circulate this around all of your club members so that those who wish to make a donation can. I will keep you informed of how much is raised and when this will be closed and the collection presented to Amit. 

Many thanks in advance for taking the time to read this and circulate this around the clubs as well as thanks on behalf of Amit to those of you who contributed. 


Ronnie Falconer 
Portcullis Cricket Club 

aqeel  4 Apr 2017 - 15:10   
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