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Confirmation has been received this week that Harlaw cannot be used by Grammar 98 and therefore Sheddocksley must be re-introduced to the fixtures list.

Apologies to ATSSC who turned up at Harlaw this week for their match against Grammar 98. Information had not been received that a change of venue was required.

The fixtures will therefore require some further attention which will be worked on over the weekend. Grammar 98 versus Toco Sport on June 20th will go ahead at Sheddocksley to avoid imposing a late change of venue on other teams.

Grammar 98's remaining league matches will be relocated away from Sheddocksley to strike a balance with available venues.

JohnM  16 Jun 2006 - 00:36   

A reminder to all that results should be with the Secretary by lunchtime on the Wednesday. After much chasing, two results from Week 6 have just been entered.

Late feedback over the last few weeks has meant that it has not been possible to include the AECL results in the P&J on a Thursday.

Although some teams may choose not to use a book on the night, it is still the responsibility of the winning team to ensure the Secretary receives the results.

Many thanks.

JohnM  16 Jun 2006 - 00:21   

Both Ellon and ATSSC have lost their 100% record this week with defeats by Chevron and Grammar 98 respectively. Wins by Toco Sport and the Dec Rebels means that we now have a four-way tie at the top of the table. Ellon and ATSSC however still have a game in hand and remain in the driving seat (their postponed match from Week 5).

Ellon posted a respectable 129-8 in the first innings against Chevron, but lost by four wickets, with Chevron chasing down the total and reaching 130-6 to seal victory.

The match between ATSSC and Grammar 98 had to restricted to 15 overs due to ATSSC being at Harlaw and Grammar 98 at Sheddocksley at 6.30 p.m. The game eventually started at 7.00p.m. at Sheddocksley (for further comment, see above article on Harlaw).  Grammar 98 posted a very challenging 105-5 in 15 overs, which proved too strong for the league leaders, who managed only 78-5.

Highest scorers of the night were IATP, scoring 156-5 against St Ronald at Duthie Park. St Ronald struggled to match the required run rate, scoring only 66-8 at the end of their innings.

MCC bounced back from defeat last week with a crushing 10 wicket victory over Caledonian. Batting first, Caledonian were restricted to 65-6; MCC comfortably reached 68 without the loss of a wicket.

Toco Sport recorded their 5th win on the bounce by inflicting a further defeat on debutants Methlick. Chasing a target of 123 AO, Methlick fell a few runs short for the second week running, with their last wicket falling on 108.

The DeC Rebels batting performance in the first innings again proved too strong for the opposition. It was Dutchmill this time on the receiving end. Chasing a target of 149-4, Dutchmill were bowled out two shy of a 100.  This victory now puts the DeC Rebels in second place by way of a better margin.


JohnM  15 Jun 2006 - 23:11   

A perfect evening for cricket welcomed those who arrived at Duthie Park, the Links and Sheddocksley for Week 6 of the AECL. Yes.........the headline of last week was premature! The Shed was forced to make a shock comeback after Grammar 98 moved their match from Harlaw at the eleventh hour due to the fear of a 'lock-in' at 8.30p.m!!

It proved not to be a night for batting second and chasing !!

Ellon and ATSSC remain top dogs with maximum points after recording comfortable wins over IATP and Caledonian respectively. Ellon batted first and posted an impressive 138-8 of 20 overs on DP3. The Park's response was a complete sham; bowled out for 69. ATSSC were just as impressive with the bat, posting 148-5 in their alloted 20 overs. Caledonian fell some way short, bowled out for 83.

JohnM  7 Jun 2006 - 22:29   

AECL's reliance on Sheddocksley is now at an end with the introduction of Harlaw to the fixtures list next week (many thanks G98!!). The sponge was at it's best last night with ground staff calling off the top of the table clash between ATSSC and Ellon at the 11th hour. So last night was an opportunity for the chasing pack to catch-up.

It was another baltic night for all involved. Plenty of showers, wind and damp score books.

Grammar 98 recorded a comfortable 4 wicket win over IATP at Duthie Park, restricting the Park to only 92-9 of 20 overs. Grammar 98 reached 93-6 with plenty of overs to spare and now have 'home' advantage to look forward to for the rest of the season.

JohnM  31 May 2006 - 12:17   
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