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ATSSC and Ellon remain the clear front runners this year, both remaining unbeaten after recording victories over IATP and Grammar 98 respectively. IATP struggled to match a fine total of 146-6 by ATSSC, falling 41 runs short. Ellon posted 111-6 and recorded a 20 run victory over Grammar 98. Both teams meet next week in possibly one of the key matches of the season.

Chevron recorded a very comfortable 8 wicket victory over Dutchmill after bowling out the opposition for only 77 runs. An early exit from Duthie Park for all involved.

JohnM  24 May 2006 - 12:20   

Folks, some general feedback from the Cricket Users Meeting on Thursday evening.

  • Cricket will continue to be played at Duthie Park for the foreseeable future. Removing cricket from public parks and providing alternative sites is still to get off the ground due to a lack of funds within the council. Although removing cricket from Duthie Park appears still to be some way off, this still remains the long term objective of the council.
  • Clarification has been requested on the current pitch fee structure. This follows Chevron v Toco Sport being charged £24 at Sheddocksley on Tuesday night. Once information is made available, this will be posted on the site.
  • General discussion on the state of pitches at Duthie Park, the Links and Sheddocksley took place. No one present had first hand experience of Sheddocksley this season, however some general feedback received this season was mentioned. Sheddocksley will shortly be used by the Grades and further feedback will no doubt follow thereafter. Suggested improvements to the boundaries within Duthie Park was raised by David Jones.

The next meeting is scheduled for 7.00p.m., Thurs 31st August at the Westburn Tennis Centre. The event was not well attended this time round, possibly due to a lack of awareness. So one for the diary....... 

JohnM  19 May 2006 - 20:49   

Oxy Cup specialists ATSSC find themselves in the unusual position of top of the AECL following a 23 run victory over the Rebels in the third week of fixtures. Ellon also remain on maximum points after a 28 run victory over Dutchmill.  Grammar 98 and St Ronald got back to winning ways with victories over MCC and Caledonian respectively. Debutants Methlick are still looking towards their first victory in the AECL, after defeat to IATP at Duthie Park. The match between Chevron and Toco Sport was reduced to 15 overs following the late arrival of Toco Sport at Sheddocksley. The match was won by Toco Sport. A reminder to all..........discard those superseded fixture lists !!!

JohnM  19 May 2006 - 20:20   

There will be a Cricket Users Group meeting at the Westburn Tennis Centre this Thursday (18th May), starting at 7pm. All clubs  are urged to send a representative so we can give Aberdeen City Council a clear understanding of our opinions on the current and future provision of cricket facilities in Aberdeen.



stephen  16 May 2006 - 17:11   

All fixtures for the coming league campaign are now finalised. With Harlaw being available for use by Grammar 98 as of 6th June, the final league match at Sheddocksley will be between Ellon and ATSSC on 30th May.

Every effort has been made to allocate pitches fairly. No team will require to play at Sheddocksley more than once. No team will require to play at Sheddocksley / Links 2 more than three times.


JohnM  14 May 2006 - 21:29   
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