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Weather permitting, Aberdeen Evening Cricket League's 2006 season will start this evening. All eyes will be on this year's newcomers - DeC Rebels (pronounced "dee-see") and Methlick. The new teams have given the league a welcome boost but thay have also given League Secretary John Mackenzie something of a headache. The Gardener's withdrawal from the league reduces the number of city pitches available, and unfortunately the original plan to play some matches at Harlaw on Wednesday evenings is now not an option, so the "cricket pitch" at Sheddocksley will have to be used to get all the games played on one night. Consequently the fixtures list remains fluid and will be subject to a few changes over the coming days.

Despite this there is a full fixtures card for this evening, so let's hope that the rain holds off and we get a cracking start to the 2006 season.

stephen  2 May 2006 - 11:23   
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